Tiffany - Tekcomm Repair

 "Larry has been our in-house CFO, without the expense of the title!  He has made us more effective by understanding the bottom line, helped us see trends, made us more organized," and given us countless hours of advice.  He doesn't just reconcile my accounts, he explains them! 

Wes - Carolina Resource Management

"I have known Larry for quite some time now and have hired him in the past for his help.  He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to any business owner who is in need of a detailed evaluation.  He can get your business back on track and help you keep it there for the future.  He operates with the highest levels of integrity and can be trusted to get the job done." 

Ana - The Connecting Force

 "'Larry presented a series of workshops on QuickBooks to business owners.  This is what the participants had to say':

"Super!  This class takes away the mystique and makes it simple, yet informative."  Russ, Home Helpers

"Empowering!  Larry's mastery of the topic, unique tips and tricks, and easy style are wonderful!  I highly recommend this class."  Rae - Haigler Enterprises