We have found that most small business owners are given financial statements by their accountant or bookkeeper but are never told how the numbers are affecting them or what all the numbers mean. As a result, the business owner simply looks at the P & L to see if they made or lost money and never looks at any other reports. That's why we have introduced a new concept in bookkeeping known as the Small Business Review. The Small Business Review is the answer for business owners who want to be able to better "manage by the numbers".

With the Small Business Review, we will not only give you your financial statements but we will also give you more detailed reports so that you can see which products and/or services are bringing in the most money. This will help you identify which products or services you should push more and even whether or not you should carry a specific product or service line any longer. When we go over your Small Business Review, we will explain all the numbers to you so that you can have a better understanding of how these numbers affect your business and its future. All of this information is designed to specifically help you better run your business and optimize your profitability and with prices on bookkeeping starting as low as $50 per month for basic bookkeeping and the monthly Small Business Review.


 We come to you! Financial records stay on premise


 Ideal for home-based businesses or where adequate office space is unavailable.

A few of our Bookkeeping services available: 

 Accounts Receivable

 Accounts Payable Bank Reconciliation


 Financial Statements

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